04 June 2014

You've gotta love him.

This kid right here.

Look at that face. Even in this shot where he's being a stinker and sticking his tongue out at me, I'm still very much in love with this rotten little man (just as I am the rest of his siblings).

We got his teacher a small gift for the end of the year. A framed, customized print.

In full disclosure, I bought the digital file from an Etsy seller. I was being super lazy, and I don't yet have a knack for design. It was well worth the few dollars I spent. Anyway, that guy in the picture was super excited to give this to his teacher. I kept reminding him that we would wrap it up nicely and give it to her tomorrow; the day of the class party.

Fast forward to this morning. He empties out his backpack, and since it's the end of the year, I don't question it. He asks for tape, but he's always asking for odd things. When we are ready to leave, this picture is missing from my mantle. "Ezra? Where is the photo?" He replies, "Oh, I have it in my backpack!" I reminded him that we were going to wrap it, and his eyes lit up as he said, "Oh, but I already wrapped it!" I regret not taking a picture of his handiwork. This is one of those "Don't sweat the small stuff" kind of things as a parent (one that I would've previously stressed about), and he was so terribly excited to give this gift with 10 feet of silver wrapping paper loosely attached. "Okay, you can go ahead and give it to her today." 

And I didn't have to wrap it. So, there you go. I love that kid.

02 June 2014

Getting back into shape?

Getting into shape. This is something I feel like I've half heartedly tried to do most of my life. At some points, I was pretty successful. I've never been thin or really muscular, but I got to a point where I was working out most every day, and I felt good about myself. I want to be there again, and it's happening, slowly.

So far, at least in my latest endeavor, I've been experimenting with running and keeping my body in ketosis (not to be confused with ketoacidosis, which is dangerous). I've felt better, though I haven't seen any difference in my running. Then again, I'm still more of a walker with aspirations of being a runner. And I've had the cold that won't quit. So, today I went back at it, walking 4.5 miles. There was a little running involved, but running after you inhaled some Afrin really isn't the smartest thing. It helped me breathe (which is amazing), but it also usually makes me feel a little cracked out.

Also, I'm putting this in writing. I'm signing up for a half marathon in September. I'm not alluding myself into thinking I ran run the whole way, but it'll be awesome to complete. If I put it out there, it's gonna happen, right?

Off to stretch and do a little yoga. I'll be back soon.

28 May 2014

So, it's been a while. Again.

Why have I not been around? Mostly because I broke my laptop (the jack where the power cord plugs in needed to be replaced). It really wasn't a terrible priority because I was on my tablet or phone, most of the time. The only problem is that I *HATE* typing anything more than a Facebook status or tweet with a phone or tablet. Mostly because I love/hate autocorrect. I love it, because it catches when I hit the wrong letter many times. I hate it, because sometimes it "corrects" said misspelled word into something totally different. That, and I can never seem to be bothered to proofread, which is funny considering that I used to proofread as part of my job.

I have one big update, though I know most people reading this already know about it. I had a baby. He was quite the surprise, because I thought we were too old for all this baby making business. (Not that I'm old, just that our oldest is 19, and the youngest [other than said baby] is 9.)

So, let me introduce you to Jesse David. One of the best surprises to happen to me.

Another bit of news is that the eldest girl is graduating! I promise it was just yesterday that Allison was as small as Jesse. Really. Just because, here is my *GROWN ADULT* daughter. *sob*

Seriously, who gave her permission to grow up and be all smart and beautiful? She'll be headed off to Concordia University - Texas in the fall to begin studies to become a DCE (Director of Christian Education - basically, a youth pastor within the Lutheran church). She's all smart, bossy, and patient with young ones who don't happen to also be her siblings, so I think this will be a great career for her.

The only other possible note is that I'm (AGAIN) on a path to get healthier. I'm trying not to focus on weight, and that's the hard part. I know that if I eat the right foods, in the right quantities, and I get enough exercise, that should be a natural side effect. The main thing is that I'm around for a long time. After all, I will be in my 50s when Mr. Jesse graduates from high school. I need to make sure I am healthy enough to see HIS kids (should he choose to have them) grow up. 

Signing off, and I'll get back in here shortly. Promise. 

31 July 2012

Fellowship, The Mouse, and Tasty Power Cords

I've been absent for a bit. I honestly haven't had time. See, church kids are busy during the summer. Crazy busy. Allison has been to more camps than I can count. I only volunteered for one - Glorybound. Glorybound is the huge gathering of all Texas LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) youth. They do it every 3 years.

We traveled to Houston, and spent 3 days/4 nights in fellowship, listening to varrious speakers, doing small group studies, listening to some pretty amazing bands, and there was even a magician. We also spent a day doing a mission project. Knowing this, and knowing that I have approximately a bazillion things wrong with my stomach, I chose not to wear anything constricting. Usually, this involves a peasant skirt. Not appropriate for messy labor. Then I remembered that I had some pretty amazing overalls. FYI - even in Texas, you will get funny looks wearing overalls. Ha! Apparently, this made me the subject of many a photo opportunity.

All in all, it was a good experience. Maybe a little (a lot) complaining from teenagers (and *ahem* one particular adult), but much was learned, and lots of fun was had in the end.

We drove from Houston back to DFW on Sunday, and left Monday morning for Orlando. Phew! One lesson learned - Make sure your given name is on your ticket. In the eyes of many a TSA agent, Henry and Hank are not synonymous. Other than that, travel was pretty painless (except for one mom's stress, exhaustion, and immense fear of flying).

The resort was beautiful. I could've stayed there all week, and I would've been a-ok. But we had 4 days worth of Disney tickets.

Instead of describing our time, I will just give you a boatload of pictures and a shot, sweet summary. Lots of fun. Major exhaustion. Walt Disney was a genius. I am simultaneously amazed and freaked out by animatronic characters. And digital puppetry is the neatest thing ever.

Okay, pictures will be at the end. This brings me to another subject. While we were gone, one of our cats decided my laptop's power cord would be a tasty lunch. It's a good thing I love her. (Really, it's her only flaw.) So, I am phone posting for now. This is why I cannot figure out how to place pictures in this post. Well, other than the end.

But, I wanted to blog badly enough, I posted anyway. Okay, and I was bored and interested in seeing how easy it would be to post by phone. There ya go.

16 July 2012

So Busy.

I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but still. Busy.

I've been trying to work out, and I'm successful most days. Not today, because I spent 10.5 hours on my feet at the coffee shop. Though, I was reading that a 165lb person could burn 1200 calories working as a barista for 8 hours on a slow day. It was an average (not slow, not super busy) day and *ahem* I may be more than 165 pounds, so I can count that, right?

The kids are either playing Minecraft...

Watching weird Littlest Pet Shop YouTube videos (seriously. Weird.)... But weird, and cute, and not vulgar. Okay, so these girls putting these videos out are pretty creative. I will give them that. Anna has some serious aspirations of making her own LPS movie, too. I love that kid.

When they aren't doing those things, we are usually at the pool...

One kid was off doing mission work in El Paso, and I'm going along with her to Houston (The Woodlands, actually) for the Texas LCMS (Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod) gathering - Glorybound.

Oh, and then when I have decided that I actually have a few spare hours in the day, I sign up to work at the coffeeshop. It's really a cute little place. Once owned by a fabulous friend of mine, she sold it to some other awesome folks. I still think of my aforementioned fabulous friend whenever I go in. She has been through so much, and is so very strong in spite of (maybe because of) it all.

Oh, and in less than two weeks, the entire family gets to go to DisneyWorld! Including my super awesome stepson. His only flaw is being too busy, and living too far away. How dare he!?!?! I love him anyway. Even if I do have to look up to yell at him. Wait. I don't really yell at him. But if I did, I'd have to look up, because he decided to be over 6" tall. Kids, these days.

Hopefully, I'll have lots of pictures after that. We're busy bees this year.

06 July 2012

Just Say No.

Say what you must. I realize lots of people LOVE getting their cardio on with an elliptical machine. I have tried for YEARS to like them, but I can't. My knees be damned, I'd rather just run. Actually, my knees still feel pretty great, but I know running isn't kind to them. Whatevs.

Today, I went to the rec center, and got on the elliptical. Worse? I got on an elliptical that had stationary arm thingies. This was REALLY stupid, because there was one with moveable arm thingies (that's the technical terminology) right beside the one I was on. I huffed and puffed for about 10-12 minutes, and then cussed the thing out. Okay, I didn't. Maybe just in my head. I don't think the arms would've made much of a difference.

Then I got on the treadmill. Yup. When we're talking cardio machines, the treadmill is the way to go. (I actually prefer running outside, but Dallas is currently a hell pit when it's not dawn or dark.)

When I went Google Image searching for an evil elliptical machine, I couldn't find one. Apparently, nobody else shares my hatred. And I really stink at anything involving graphics, especially since I only have Paint. Hey, it's handy in a pinch! I'm not sure it really describes the loathing I feel for those things, but it'll do.

05 July 2012

Stupid cake.

Why did I eat the cake? I don't make cake (or other baked goods) often. Mostly because I like cooking better than baking (yes, there is a difference), but also because I cannot seem to resist the outcome of my baking.

For the 4th, I had to pick some things up from my local Aldi. They had their red, white and blue cake mixes, sprinkles and frosting half off. I know they're chock full of food color, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and all that. It's really a rare thing when I buy them. But, it was easy, cheap, and I thought the kids would have a good time decorating. And they did. They also had a good time eating it.

We had a good 4th, watching some local fireworks, smoking various dead animals (like real Americans!), and hanging out with good friends. The night drew to a close, and before bed I lost my mind. I ate cake. It's really not all that great. If I were to eat cake, I'd rather it be homemade. Not from a box with weird sprinkles, but it happened. The cramps didn't come right after (like they normally do), mostly because I went to sleep right after the debauchery. But this morning. Ugh. My feet were so swollen that it was uncomfortable to walk, and whatever cramps and gurgling I didn't feel in the pit of my stomach the night before came raging at me this morning. STUPID. As I tell my children, none of us in this house are stupid. But we are sure capable of doing some really stupid things (just like everyone else).

I will leave you with one crappy fireworks picture. I think I swallowed it, because it feels like I have one of those things going off in my gut.

On the upside, I'm listening to Rhiannon. Yes, I'm still on a Fleetwood Mac kick. Especially when I started listening to Concord Music's Fleetwood Mac tribute album coming out next month.