30 April 2008

Too Much Backyardigans...

It is official. The two little ones have watched The Backyardigans Super Secret Super Spy WAY TOO MUCH.

Last night we overheard Anna asking Ezra if he would be her evil henchman. *snort*

Ezra, Oh Ezra!

We officially have our first black eye! Is it wrong that I'd love to find a good photographer to get some great pictures of his shiner?

Story - He was in bed with us the other night, and while he usually sleep between Hank and I, that night he was on the outside. He fell. He cried, so I picked him up and loved on him. I comforted him until he fell back asleep. This whole process was less than five minutes long. I had NO IDEA he'd hurt himself, I thought he was simply scared and had the breath knocked out of him.

The next morning, he came out, and *GASP*... WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED? Of course, it took me about a second to remember. Poor guy. It hasn't slowed him down ONE BIT.

Know how I know it hasn't slowed him down? Look at these two photos. Yeah. MORE injuries. My poor kid. He was playing on Devon's top bunk while Hank was playing the guitar. I think Anna turned the ceiling fan on, and then Ezra stood up and *FWACK* right on the forehead.

28 April 2008

Help Me Save the Boobies!

On June 07, 2008, a group of moms and I will be participating in the Race for the Cure. Breast cancer has affected so many people's lives, and it has directly affected my friends and family. I will run for my dear Aunt Kay, and three of my friends, Lori, Tricia and Beverly. They are all survivors. The group I'm running with are DFW Area Moms. This group contains some of the most caring women I've ever met. If you're a mom and in the DFW area, you should join. :)

Donate to the cause HERE!

BTW - Something I'm really proud of... (Not that I had anything to do with it... Another very creative lady came up with these shirts)...

Um Yeah... It's Been a While...

This posting is going to be long... And random... That's what you get when Mama's got the ADD.

This is Allison... Allison is too pretty for her own good. Must do everything to make her the ugly nerdy kid, so that Hank is not one day charged with manslaughter for killing a teenaged boy.

I call this one, "Yeah Right". She has dreams of having a nice convertible sports car when she turns 16... Um... Yeah right. LOL!

Yes, I let my kids go outside to blow bubbles in their jammies. Ezra's top doesn't even match his bottoms, but I figured I'd let him be creative with his wardrobe. It's good for kids to do these sorts of things. Some may just call me lazy for not dressing them. Um, they're probably right.

I found this little gem on Allison's camera. Is he not the cutest thing? God totally knew what he was doing making Ezra cute. He is trouble. Mr. Mischief. But he's dang cute. I've decided to keep him around a little longer.

I have done a really shotty photo editing job on this picture to protect the other kids whose parents might not want all my weirdo friends looking at them. Really? This was the best I could do? Now, it just looks like Allison was left out of the masquerade fun.