22 January 2008

Apparently, It's A BOYS Rite Of Passage Too...

Just a week after Anna cut her hair, Ezra got in on the action. I'm a bad, terrible mother, since I have no pictures of his DIY haircut, but here he is after I attacked him with the clippers.

The second picture is him pushing his sister out of the picture, saying, "No 'Neh! Me say cheese!" He calls her 'Neh. LOL!

16 January 2008

A Girls Rite of Passage...

Does EVERY little girl cut their hair? It seems that no matter how well a parent hides scissors, a little girl is bound to find them. I know that I cut my hair quite a few times, though it was usually just inches off of the back. I didn't cause too much damage.

My first daughter didn't either. She DID cut her bangs, but they were underneath, and it wasn't easy to find.

Anna did it. Okay, I'm probably being a little overdramatic. That's okay, though. You did not see the 5-6 inch clumps of hair that I saw... LOL! And the big hunk she took out of the TOP layer of her bangs. GAH! So, we had to get it cut. No biggie though. The cut is growing on me, and it seems as if nobody notices the irreparable chunk out of her bangs until I point it out. And I'm liking the bob on her anyway. I think the only reason I had it long was because I could put all sorts of funky pigtails and braids in her hair. To be honest, it didn't look great when it was down and not styled.

11 January 2008

The Business of Being Born

I just saw the trailer for this movie. It's been out, and it's running (I think) in a few select cities, but it will be out on DVD in February.

10 January 2008

He's A Big Boy, He Is...

You know your son is growing up when he wants to put his own diaper cream on his sore booty.