28 June 2012

Hey! Look What I Found!

Wow, I had a lot of dust and cobwebs to clear away. And there are some dead pics, I need to fix. Oh well, there's time for that.

I had decided, for a while, to post on The Hubs's (grammar check? anyone?) site, but since it's down, I've come back. It's been nearly 2 years since I posted. Anna was starting first grade, and now we're in the middle of summer before her 3rd grade year. She's no longer one of the little guys in elementary. Ezra will be in 2nd. Then there are the big kids. Oh my word. Allison will be a junior and Devon will graduate this year. Hasn't anyone told them I'm not old enough for this? Teenagers don't listen very well.

I had lost quite a bit of weight, and actually got under 180 for the first time in 9 years. Then I started working. Then I stopped running. Then I stopped counting calories. Then I lived in denial thinking I'd only gained a few pounds. (Denial is a glorious place, you guys. Until you have to come out of it. BOO!) A few turned out to be a little more than 30. Ugh. Double ugh. Also in that time, I've started not feeling well. I'm drained all the time, I have a foggy memory, and I was having some GI issues I'd rather not go into (you're welcome). Family practice doc couldn't find anything wrong with me, so I get to have a GI appointment for my birthday (well, the day after). Until then, I've decided to focus on getting healthy. I haven't started exercising yet (I did go for a run the other day, but I need to do more), but eating has improved greatly. I'm down a few, but I still have a long way to go.

In better news, The Hubs has some really great bosses. The owner of the company gave us a trip to DisneyWorld. We'll go at the end of July, and there will be lots of pictures. Flight, hotel, tickets, and food are all taken care of. It's a supremely stressful job, but I'm glad he's appreciated.

Anyway, that's really all that's going on... Or all that I can recall for now. I think I like being back here. My own little place. Now, I just need to get a little re-design going on, and all will be well. :)