20 December 2008

Pictures Galore, Folks!

First off... We have Allison's birthday session (BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLISON!) done earlier this month. It still floors me how grown up she is.

And now we have all the goofballs together.
See this picture? Some would say this one isn't worth framing. Oh no. It is. She captured the pure essence of my kids. Ezra the candy fiend... Devon the Serious One... Allison the Little Mommy... (You KNOW she's starting to scold Anna right there, don't you?) Anna the Goofball... Yep. Those are our kids!

Oh dear. I don't know if my heart can take all this. I love these kids!

04 December 2008

Pretty Girl...

Allison decided she didn't want to be a blonde anymore... I like it, what do you think?

03 December 2008

Ezra's New Thing...


His new thing, when he's angry, is to spout off with something to the effect of "I not be wiff you, anymore! Hmmph!" Okay, it's kind of cute.

I'm wondering what to do about this. Ignore it? Reprimand him? Jeeeezum.

Ohhhh, the joys of a preschooler. He's the third kid I birthed, and I'm still at a loss sometimes. HA!