13 March 2009

Pictures GALORE!

I had the opportunity to have a photo session done in Deep Ellum with one of my favorite photographers... Heck, one of my favorite people. I actually decided to not be the control freak mommy about their appearance. Sure, I saw to it that the dirty buggers were all squeaky clean, and I ironed a couple things, but that was it. The little ones even helped pick out their outfits. No color coordinating or anything. Plus, I wanted to show their personalities, and some of that shows in their choice of clothing.

Anyway, here it goes. Pictures of our awesome kids!

This was a cool little shot... It took a little coaxing to convince Anna she was going to be okay up there.

Apparently, we didn't do enough coaxing. My little anxious soul.

Can you believe this is my kid? How do I have a kid that grown up?

Everyone seems to talk about Ezra's eyes when we are out and about. But then I want to show them how gorgeous Anna's are. They are a wonderful shade of hazel. Sometimes they shine like copper, and others they are a yellow gold, and then there are times when a hint of green (like a peridot [my gemstone]) sneaks in. People want to comment on the blue eyes (mine included), but I love that her eyes change color, and how beautiful each color is.

It was so windy outside, but it looks like it worked to our advantage. What an awesome shot.

Our very own little Strong Man.

Oh, he's killin' me with that look. It's like I totally forget about temper tantrums, messes, and him whacking his sister upside the head. The boy in this picture could NEVER do that.

My little man constantly gets comments about his eyes. I wonder why.

The big bro and his wingman!

An "Abby Road" tribute gone awry. NO! Look forward Ezra! LOL!

Me and my girls. Why are we in front of the "Moodswing" element?!?! HAHA!

Can you see how TOTALLY excited Devon is to have his evil stepmother force a ginormous smooch on his cheek? (I love this shot, too... It was not planned... I think I was giving him heck about something, but I disremember what it was about. That happens as you age.)

Sisters! And I love that they're in front of the "Lovie" element.

Really? Just how sweet is this shot? Anna adores her big brother.

Yeah, this is what Anna wanted to do the entire time. I love that she's such a silly little monkey.

Devon on his board...

Again... Enough with my little, tiny, baby girl looking all grown up. I swear, I was cursing in a hospital just yesterday about how I *WAS* pushing and it still *BLEEEEEEP* hurt! Okay, maybe that was like 13 years ago, but still.

This is the coolest picture EVER. They were giving each other a lot of grief, and she put his hat on sideways... I love that he's goofy enough to have kept it that way. And look! I got a natural smile out of Allison!!!