02 July 2012

Me. All of me.

I promised a current picture, and here you go.

We will start this from the beginning. Here I am at my highest weight. The picture is really small, but it's all I can find (the old one was taken in 08, and that computer is long gone).

Here I am at my lowest (recent) weight. I was running nearly every day, and I felt fabulous.

Dang, I was looking pretty great. Oh well. I'll get back there, right?

There you go. My journey is starting again.


TheJerseyShoreMom said...

Hey girl, you can do this!!!

Jacki said...

You can totally do it...you already know how! ;) get to it!

Karri said...

Yep - you've got this!

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies! I'm going to the pool with the little ones in a bit, but come 7pm, I'm running. (Okay, it's been a while. I'm gonna walk with bursts of running.)