05 July 2012

Stupid cake.

Why did I eat the cake? I don't make cake (or other baked goods) often. Mostly because I like cooking better than baking (yes, there is a difference), but also because I cannot seem to resist the outcome of my baking.

For the 4th, I had to pick some things up from my local Aldi. They had their red, white and blue cake mixes, sprinkles and frosting half off. I know they're chock full of food color, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and all that. It's really a rare thing when I buy them. But, it was easy, cheap, and I thought the kids would have a good time decorating. And they did. They also had a good time eating it.

We had a good 4th, watching some local fireworks, smoking various dead animals (like real Americans!), and hanging out with good friends. The night drew to a close, and before bed I lost my mind. I ate cake. It's really not all that great. If I were to eat cake, I'd rather it be homemade. Not from a box with weird sprinkles, but it happened. The cramps didn't come right after (like they normally do), mostly because I went to sleep right after the debauchery. But this morning. Ugh. My feet were so swollen that it was uncomfortable to walk, and whatever cramps and gurgling I didn't feel in the pit of my stomach the night before came raging at me this morning. STUPID. As I tell my children, none of us in this house are stupid. But we are sure capable of doing some really stupid things (just like everyone else).

I will leave you with one crappy fireworks picture. I think I swallowed it, because it feels like I have one of those things going off in my gut.

On the upside, I'm listening to Rhiannon. Yes, I'm still on a Fleetwood Mac kick. Especially when I started listening to Concord Music's Fleetwood Mac tribute album coming out next month.

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