28 May 2014

So, it's been a while. Again.

Why have I not been around? Mostly because I broke my laptop (the jack where the power cord plugs in needed to be replaced). It really wasn't a terrible priority because I was on my tablet or phone, most of the time. The only problem is that I *HATE* typing anything more than a Facebook status or tweet with a phone or tablet. Mostly because I love/hate autocorrect. I love it, because it catches when I hit the wrong letter many times. I hate it, because sometimes it "corrects" said misspelled word into something totally different. That, and I can never seem to be bothered to proofread, which is funny considering that I used to proofread as part of my job.

I have one big update, though I know most people reading this already know about it. I had a baby. He was quite the surprise, because I thought we were too old for all this baby making business. (Not that I'm old, just that our oldest is 19, and the youngest [other than said baby] is 9.)

So, let me introduce you to Jesse David. One of the best surprises to happen to me.

Another bit of news is that the eldest girl is graduating! I promise it was just yesterday that Allison was as small as Jesse. Really. Just because, here is my *GROWN ADULT* daughter. *sob*

Seriously, who gave her permission to grow up and be all smart and beautiful? She'll be headed off to Concordia University - Texas in the fall to begin studies to become a DCE (Director of Christian Education - basically, a youth pastor within the Lutheran church). She's all smart, bossy, and patient with young ones who don't happen to also be her siblings, so I think this will be a great career for her.

The only other possible note is that I'm (AGAIN) on a path to get healthier. I'm trying not to focus on weight, and that's the hard part. I know that if I eat the right foods, in the right quantities, and I get enough exercise, that should be a natural side effect. The main thing is that I'm around for a long time. After all, I will be in my 50s when Mr. Jesse graduates from high school. I need to make sure I am healthy enough to see HIS kids (should he choose to have them) grow up. 

Signing off, and I'll get back in here shortly. Promise.