29 August 2007

Last One For The Day... PROMISE!

I just wanted to let all of you know... You have not lived until you have heard the VeggieTales cover of Santana's "Jesus Is Just Alright"...

Random Pics, Because My Kids Rule...

Yeah, my kids rule. Don't even deny it.

I am slightly aggravated though. I took pictures of Allison leaving for school on her first day, and I took them on HER camera. Well, my card reader is screwed (Thank you Ezra... LOL!), and she can't seem to find her cable. Meh. Hopefully, Hank will upload them to our share drive soon.

In the meantime, you will have to deal with hot and sweaty Allison walking home from the bus stop. Still a cutie pie!

This is what happens when Anna dresses herself. Really though, it's not bad. A future fashion maven in the making? Though, the shoes have to go. Okay, they're good to play in.

Look at these eyes! I'm in love with her hazel eyes!

And I'm just plain IN LOVE with this picture!

Little GI Ezra listening to some tunes. Nope, not any Veggie music, but he's okay with Mom's music. (Probably some Ryan Adams, Stone Temple Pilots, or Plumb...)

VeggieTales Rules Our House...

Okay, the two little ones *LOVE* VeggieTales. Mommy likes them too, because 1) it's actually pretty funny stuff, 2) it's Christian based, so lots of values I want to teach them, and 3) it ISN'T Wonder Pets. (Anything gets points for NOT being Wonder Pets... ROFL!)

But, oh my! They have (or I have, so I have only myself to blame) discovered Veggie Radio... It's on the front page of http://www.bigidea.com

What have I done???!!!???

Oh Ezra... *SIGH*

Ezra is a handful. A wonderful, gorgeous, loving little handful. But I hit the end of my rope Monday. I have a ton of stress right now from outside forces (mostly financial), and this was the icing on the cake.

I put a VeggieTales movie on, and went to the bathroom. Well, I left the peanut butter out. When I came out, there was peanut butter EVERYWHERE. All over him... All over both sofas... All over the rug, carpet and walls... I saw RED. I knew then that I couldn't touch him, and it was hard to even speak without yelling. I just looked at him and said, "You go sit in time out, NOW." It was then that I could see how people lose it and hit their kids (not simply spanking, but really hurting them). It's not an excuse, and it's never right, but I knew at that moment, if I touched him, I could hurt him. I sat at the computer (he was still in sight) and IM'ed with Hank... It was the only thing I could do. I would deal with the mess later. Hank told me to take pictures, and I was like "What?", but I did. And now I'm glad. It's funny now. And I'll keep it as proof of what a handful he was... LOL!

Here is the proof...

27 August 2007

The Meineke Clan

Okay, so I have a million blogs, it seems. Well, I have my MySpace and a private one, so okay... Not quite a million. I exaggerate sometimes.

This one is solely devoted to the family. The Meineke Clan - Hank, Jennifer, Devon, Allison, Anna Vista, and last (but surely NEVER the least) Ezra.

Intros? Hank is a Terminal Manager for a logistics company named Nordic. It's still a pretty new division, so he has his ups and downs, but he still kicks some major butt. He is 31, and an awesomely devoted husband and daddy. He loves his guitar, video games, music, and he's an amazing Christian apologist.

Jennifer? MOI? I stay at home during the day with the youngest two monkeys, and three nights a week I wait tables for some spending money. I'm a huge music and music trivia nerd, and I love laughing with my monkeys. They always keep me entertained. I also love church. I had been looking for "something" all my life, and when I married Hank, I started taking adult information classes with the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod). I felt at home. Even moreso when we found our current church home, Messiah Lutheran Church in Plano, TX. I'm still growing in my faith, and I'm human, so I have some stumbling blocks. But my faith grows stronger day by day.

Allison is 11.5, and is a middle schooler as of today. I'm eagerly awaiting her return to tell me how it all went (and pictures will come tonight or tomorrow... PROMISE!!!) She just started with the church youth praise team yesterday, and today starts the Oboe in school. She's a total smarteypants and social butterfly.

Devon will be 13 in September, and just started his first year in Junior High. He loves skateboarding, video games and playing the trumpet. (And he's pretty good too! :) ) We only get to see him every other weekend and about half of the summer, so we cherish every minute we get with him.

Anna Vista is 3, and is a smart and funny little girl. (And gorgeous, to boot!) She loves singing, and loves anything Dora or VeggieTales. Her favorite past time is going to the Jack Carter Pool.

Ezra is 2, and is a wonderful little handful! I call him Houdini, because he can get past any baby safe item there is. He's the strong, silent type. He also loves VeggieTales, and seems to have a fascination with pirates.

Here are some recent pictures of our monkeys! Thanks for sticking around to read all of this!