04 August 2008

Random Pictures From Allie's Camera...

A few group shots sans Devon... I hate that he's not with us full time... :( But here are the turkeys I gave birth to!

Here is Anna in her Grandma's hat. My SIL, Janette, bought it for my MIL when she was in Mexico.

I bought some gorgeous Enwrapture Wraps through a group buy with some mom friends of mine at DFW Area Moms. Don't tell Allison, but I think she looks better in this one than I do.

WOOO! Cheap vampire teeth from Peter Piper Pizza, bought with the tickets she won. She loves these danged things!

Allison brought her camera to Walmart, where we were buying a few groceries. This is Ezra's handiwork. Not a bad photographer for a three-year old.

Here's the photographer himself. Allison thought he would look imensely better with a popped collar. *rolls eyes* LOL!

Peace out!!!