31 July 2012

Fellowship, The Mouse, and Tasty Power Cords

I've been absent for a bit. I honestly haven't had time. See, church kids are busy during the summer. Crazy busy. Allison has been to more camps than I can count. I only volunteered for one - Glorybound. Glorybound is the huge gathering of all Texas LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) youth. They do it every 3 years.

We traveled to Houston, and spent 3 days/4 nights in fellowship, listening to varrious speakers, doing small group studies, listening to some pretty amazing bands, and there was even a magician. We also spent a day doing a mission project. Knowing this, and knowing that I have approximately a bazillion things wrong with my stomach, I chose not to wear anything constricting. Usually, this involves a peasant skirt. Not appropriate for messy labor. Then I remembered that I had some pretty amazing overalls. FYI - even in Texas, you will get funny looks wearing overalls. Ha! Apparently, this made me the subject of many a photo opportunity.

All in all, it was a good experience. Maybe a little (a lot) complaining from teenagers (and *ahem* one particular adult), but much was learned, and lots of fun was had in the end.

We drove from Houston back to DFW on Sunday, and left Monday morning for Orlando. Phew! One lesson learned - Make sure your given name is on your ticket. In the eyes of many a TSA agent, Henry and Hank are not synonymous. Other than that, travel was pretty painless (except for one mom's stress, exhaustion, and immense fear of flying).

The resort was beautiful. I could've stayed there all week, and I would've been a-ok. But we had 4 days worth of Disney tickets.

Instead of describing our time, I will just give you a boatload of pictures and a shot, sweet summary. Lots of fun. Major exhaustion. Walt Disney was a genius. I am simultaneously amazed and freaked out by animatronic characters. And digital puppetry is the neatest thing ever.

Okay, pictures will be at the end. This brings me to another subject. While we were gone, one of our cats decided my laptop's power cord would be a tasty lunch. It's a good thing I love her. (Really, it's her only flaw.) So, I am phone posting for now. This is why I cannot figure out how to place pictures in this post. Well, other than the end.

But, I wanted to blog badly enough, I posted anyway. Okay, and I was bored and interested in seeing how easy it would be to post by phone. There ya go.

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