02 June 2014

Getting back into shape?

Getting into shape. This is something I feel like I've half heartedly tried to do most of my life. At some points, I was pretty successful. I've never been thin or really muscular, but I got to a point where I was working out most every day, and I felt good about myself. I want to be there again, and it's happening, slowly.

So far, at least in my latest endeavor, I've been experimenting with running and keeping my body in ketosis (not to be confused with ketoacidosis, which is dangerous). I've felt better, though I haven't seen any difference in my running. Then again, I'm still more of a walker with aspirations of being a runner. And I've had the cold that won't quit. So, today I went back at it, walking 4.5 miles. There was a little running involved, but running after you inhaled some Afrin really isn't the smartest thing. It helped me breathe (which is amazing), but it also usually makes me feel a little cracked out.

Also, I'm putting this in writing. I'm signing up for a half marathon in September. I'm not alluding myself into thinking I ran run the whole way, but it'll be awesome to complete. If I put it out there, it's gonna happen, right?

Off to stretch and do a little yoga. I'll be back soon.

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