04 June 2014

You've gotta love him.

This kid right here.

Look at that face. Even in this shot where he's being a stinker and sticking his tongue out at me, I'm still very much in love with this rotten little man (just as I am the rest of his siblings).

We got his teacher a small gift for the end of the year. A framed, customized print.

In full disclosure, I bought the digital file from an Etsy seller. I was being super lazy, and I don't yet have a knack for design. It was well worth the few dollars I spent. Anyway, that guy in the picture was super excited to give this to his teacher. I kept reminding him that we would wrap it up nicely and give it to her tomorrow; the day of the class party.

Fast forward to this morning. He empties out his backpack, and since it's the end of the year, I don't question it. He asks for tape, but he's always asking for odd things. When we are ready to leave, this picture is missing from my mantle. "Ezra? Where is the photo?" He replies, "Oh, I have it in my backpack!" I reminded him that we were going to wrap it, and his eyes lit up as he said, "Oh, but I already wrapped it!" I regret not taking a picture of his handiwork. This is one of those "Don't sweat the small stuff" kind of things as a parent (one that I would've previously stressed about), and he was so terribly excited to give this gift with 10 feet of silver wrapping paper loosely attached. "Okay, you can go ahead and give it to her today." 

And I didn't have to wrap it. So, there you go. I love that kid.

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